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Update Jan. 11 2019 - SCI CO

Update Jan. 11 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Camille Spain helped SCi CO get Adobe After Effects working smoothly on its system yesterday and she trained Dana a bit on the advanced use of the software! We’re making steady progress with the post and soon will be only working on video post production until it’s done.

“Shuke’s War” meanwhile is now completed in its 3rd Revision up to the last 8 pages. We’ve added 17 pages since beginning with it and the last 8 might become another 12 but the action is about done now and we’re getting to the last descriptions of the novel. We’re going to be working on that until evening and may be close to being finished with the 3rd Draft by tonight.


Once that is over, “Raiders…” post with After Effects will be the only project SCi CO works on in its main focus. Dana is doing some drawing several days a week and we are working with actors and models to audition and interview for the Chat Model on TV ads. But we will be spending the bulk of SCi CO time just on the post production of the film and there’s really not too terribly many special fx or cleanup tasks, only minimal Titling and Credits. We won’t be doing anything too fancy, just getting the basic minimum in there for the picture to be supported and maybe at some point later down the road with a major distributor or production house who we can make a deal with, maybe then we can improve on the digital post production from the efforts of Dana, who is really just doing this to support the magnificent acting and the writing content behind the production.


We have more talent submitting for parts than we can possibly hire or meet for, we feel lucky to have such an abundance to choose from. Today we anticipate an audition video from a profoundly gifted and highly experienced young talent, and that will put us into the locked position for our main three talents for the commercial segment. We are considering adding two anterior roles for a few lines only.


Stay Tuned…