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Update Jan 10 2019 - SCI CO

Update Jan 10 2019

Posted by Dana Phelps

Boy are we excited here at SCi CO Films!!!!!!!


We’ve hired one actor ELIZABETH ORTEGA for one of the sexy chat model ads. After meeting with her for an hour and seeing her video audition, there is no doubt she is perfect for the role. She is sexy, charismatic, talented and a highly professional individual. We’re locked on her part and will be shooting within 1-2 weeks.

Our second talent looking like she will be hired is submitting her audition video today. We will not reveal her name at this time because we want to be sure she will be hired before jumping over that line. She has a lot of major theatrical, radio and other experience with training, is an excellent talent with a lot of ability. She is a consummate actor and we’ve met with her to see how we jibed and it was a very successful meeting, thus we are awaiting her audition video to confirm her being hired.


That will round us out, we’re limiting ourselves to three actors for the TV Internet and Phone Chat Model ad. We’ve added some new lines and will plug a few more in before they are rendered for the final production.


Today we’re meeting with our computer and web guru Camille Spain to go over some issues with Dana using After Effects. He really could use some expert help to set this up, it’s a very complicated piece of software and we want it to be smooth. We’ll also be discussing various goals of the business interests such as our nude sales on, Shuke’s War and our next project SCiCOSounds which is only in planning stages but will be a main focus once we are over the hump with the movie and the first book.


Shuke’s War has grown to 50 pages from 34 in its final Chapters. The action is extremely packed and there’s a lot of intricate physical combat sequences being described. It’s challenging and is yielding fantastic results for us! We’re about 10 pages left but who knows how many more will be composed before we are completed, it could become a 60 page ending (but probably not, maybe a few more pages at most is the best estimate). We will be selling the book on Kindle through Amazon and will be pressing a limited number of copies for larger retail book outlets such as Powell’s and some others around the USA and Europe.