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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re making a lot of progress on “Shuke’s War”. The size of the last chapters has grown from 34 pages to 46, and these are lower numbers than the printed version will be which is at this point something like 60 printed pages. It appears we’ll be 350-400 by the end of it? Not sure!


“Raiders…” is going to be getting a large push this week with new talent coming in for the acting jobs (we may begin filming as early as this coming week). We are auditioning and meeting talent for the new commercial on tv scene. The post production in Video is now with After Effects and is slow but making progress. We want to release the picture as soon as possible. There may be slicker versions released later with higher budgeted production company investing in certain polishing and we might replace some music with studio recorded versions of the classical music or synth. But we’ll be getting the basic release done with all the goals met. Our priority is the movie and the book at this time. Dana is also working on art production for abstract inks, nude photography in addition to a bit of music daily.