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update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana is feeling strong and back on track better than ever! With the medical, personal and financial issues resolved we’re on a stable track now to get things done without further distractions or interruptions. SCi CO was dealing with an unstable financing person in the background and that with many other issues were causing friction, problems with continuance of work. We will begin post production on the video for special fx, footage cleanup, green screen, titling/credits, etc. this weekend. We have a goal of 30 days to complete for this effort because of the software license to get the agenda accomplished.


Shuke’s War is about 25 pages from being completed in its 3rd draft of content editing. This is to say that we are about done! The 4th draft will be line editing which is syntax, grammar, punctuation, spelling issues and not creative writing as the first three efforts. We are very close to releasing the book for sale.


SCi CO is also investing heavily into right now with a new sales function which is being set up now! We have fine art nudes for sale and will be making drawings available for print on demand. In February we will begin releasing 3D digital sculptures.


Stay tuned…