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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We do have the shopping cart feature ready to go. What we’re waiting on is content. The massive setbacks due to Dana’s family troubles has actually stopped almost all his other work. The medical crisis engineered by his family is being dealt with as best as possible to stay out of a hospital, and there are attorneys and police reports, etc. This is going to be a bit more drama before it settles out. Camille Spain is working on the video post slowly but we’re going to be speeding that up by Dana coming in and doing what she can’t do in time.


Dana is getting back as best he can to Shuke’s War editing tonight. His medical issues are keeping him from working as well as the constant drain on his time from the financial mess. Fledgling film companies often have serious setbacks, this is one of them. We’re getting financing together for the best completion and product roll out as possible. SCi CO has been prevented from launching products for a profit over CHRISTMAS season which is what we’ve prepared for the whole year, with the music. We’re getting through this and heading to the finish line.