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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Camille Spain is beginning work on our video post production this weekend! Dana got his synthesizer back from Joshua Holland of Green Light Recording studios in Vancouver, where he had been busy figuring out a technical issue with MIDI (musical computer) files for 2 missing tracks off our new “Bach In Socket” album. SCi CO has reached out to “Uptown Music” for distribution of the vinyl album locally. Craig Parker Adams is working on the “For Babies” version now. We will be completing the last two tracks in about a week. See below for art and musical samples link. SCi CO Music will be entering the Grammy Award nomination review process in summer 2019!

Dana is busy working on the Chapter 3 editing for “Shuke’s War”. He has a few musical tasks to do and a few voice overs (his voice is just returning to normal sound, had a bad sore throat from cannabis vaporization). The book is going great. Here is a sample excerpt from Chapter 3:




PROPERTY OF SCi CO BOOKS ©Sir Tokis 2016-2018


Gaelron was waiting for her in a regal bath with flower petals, broken branches and other scraps of forest floating atop the babbling natural hot spring he was enjoying. A form of cannabis plant but smaller and with oils dripping visible off in droplets contorted its stalks to move toward the happy lover. One long and fat bud with sticky crystallizing psychoactive syrup inched closer to him, sensing his warm humanoid presence before indicating an offering of its freshly harvestable meats. The syrup warmed and crystals on the buds turned to vapor as the entire bud melted away for a fog of heavenly herb to permeate around the almost sleeping Gaelron. The waterfall of pink and white foam was white noise purring in the distance and its steaming warm water at the base of the falls would travel through the air into a convergent spray of misty air flowing over the much hotter spring water he was in. This was a holy place for all peoples who knew of and visited the sacred hot springs, but Gaelron ever only went when he was to meet Halabarefth there and whenever doing so, would always fall asleep to the overjoyed cannabis plant friends. It was a purification spring and one of fertility which is atypical of a hot spring since semen is destroyed by the heat typically of one but in this case, the waters were kinetically charged with the magics of the realm, a particular area which after so long had become a haven for lovemakers and those seeking calm, rejuvenation, peace. There were purple trees all about with dark golden leaves, some of them ‘water trees’ which there were trees which had leaves that had only the veins typical to a leaf but then water which retained the shape of a leave from the gelatin like sap contained in the tree-water. This was a necessary life form to the many animals which required a source of water as the water trees were very fast to gather the liquid from their roots then convert it into a fresh leaf for birds, many legged creatures, humanoids or whatever else happened along thirsty in the wild.

For Gaelron the baths were only known as his oasis of love and as a shared sanctuary to give him a moment to linger, reflect about his situation in the position he held in the world, to appreciate the blessings in life he was equipped with such as the knowledge and use of the sacred dark blue watered hot springs All the stones around him and where he sat in the bubbly waters were layered with a vegetation that was something like sea sponge which molded to his skin in a perfect contour for comfort. These holy water plants were so densely packed around the pink stones of the same color that it was not possible to see the true color or surface of the stone at all as the coating was always at least as much mass as the rock underneath. They had a life giving resonance and were plants in tune with the structure of the essence around them which gave them a natural healing and fertility effect just by resting upon them for a while in blissful relaxation. Gaelron really needed the refreshing, replenishing experience offered by the exotic bubbly waters. Basking in them felt something like being snugly in the heat of a womb. The resplendent spring water would respond instantly to the presence of any skin which would come in contact with it. The temperature of the liquid would change to that which would be most suitable and relaxing for the natural body heat the life form immersed within its living essence. This would remain true with as many occupants as could enter the life giving pool because the heat would be altered just at the point of contact with the epidermal tissue, hence each new person would have their own flesh being balanced to a biological attunement for their healing needs. Gaelron also really needed the long drags of cannabis smoke. When he began to awaken from a nice dream (with a stiff reminder of the fertile qualities to the location just below the surface), fat purple cannabis buds which were abundantly crystallized around their outer surface dipped in a bow from their stem to ignite just in front of his nostrils. He sucked in generous portions of the smoky air and blew out huge smoke rings which danced in streaking circles within the beams of moonlight wading through the trees. His high was beyond description, the only thing possible to improve his life at that point would be the arrival of his sweet love. When he had expended most of the great purple ganja buds had to offer, a curious looking cannabis flower arrived in a bee-line for his mouth. It appeared to be suspended in the air by attachment to a much larger plant which had the ability to extend (and presumably thereby retract) it’s pleasant combustable yield to a human or other correspondent. It was encased in a very light sheath of white, almost like a spider web. The shape was long, much like a ‘joint’ on earth but this was obviously a natural ‘paper’ surrounding the herb itself and in this case, it was entirely comprised of a form of crystallized oils which were particularly strong as an aphrodisiac when inhaled. The long white offering dissolved into smoke as Gaelron’s eyes popped open at the delightful sight of the massive organic doobie. He sucked it all in at once and dozed into space with his trip as the stars all began to have conversations with each other he could apparently, very suddenly comprehend in real time. Or was it ‘space-time’? Gaelron was drooling a bit when he began to here someone (or something!) approach…

Halabarefth arrived on the back of a large beetle like creature, a deep blue and dark green insect cousin which had resemblances to a rhinoceros with its horned head. Her friend always rushed to meet and take her to the sacred springs as soon as she arrived after floating down from the falls. The blue green insect-rhino scurried off with a series of strange clicks and high-pitched gibberish as she slipped into the inviting bath to join her powerful looking man. Resting her head on his thick round shoulder,  Gaelron was only half-awake when he absently reached around with his muscular arm instinctively in his sleep. She was lost in his dream suddenly, caught in his emotions as they were visualized and explored within a dimension of free imagination. 

 As they slept, the bark skinned goblin Guh’thl was growing more and more excited by the insanely frantic violence on the powdery pink plains where Halabarefth had recently traversed upon the riverbed. He weaved between the masses of wild animals dripping with blood either from wounds or from giving them. Carcasses rotted all over as far as the brackish dark eyes of his could see. The goblin’s incredibly thick dark brown green skin made any assault by the crazed local animals all but unnoticeable. They were no match for this evil incarnation, Guh’thl mostly waving them off as they assailed him, killing one after the other just to clear the way forward. No matter how strong their fangs, horns, claws were or how hard they rammed into him it just didn’t cause any damage whatsoever to the snorting brute. 

Realizing the scene would go on for as long as he explored the vast mountainside, the goblin decided to feast on each creature which came to pass in turn, taking their failed aggressions as the opportunity to enjoy some fresh meat. When he’d break their necks, punch their chests open to squeeze their heart, crush a carved rock into their skulls or stick his fangs into their eyeballs, his fervor would become increasingly more intense. He was working himself into such a fever that his skin began to ooze a rippling black mist which emanated forth from each disgusting pore. He was slaughtering at a blinding speed and the raw carnage was beginning to do things to the terrain that the warrior imprisoned deep below was beginning to notice. T’hurlk was reading the energy patterns and sensing an opportunity to escape!

The warrior knew there would probably be only one chance. Images of what had led to him being there in the first place began flooding into his mind. A mercurial race of what appeared as humanoid had emerged from under his home planet’s surface one day. T’hurlk’s people had been mining madly and the visit was apparently something to do with the amount of a certain type of ore which had been removed. The imprisoned warrior saw the strange folks first when he was searching a cavern below the surface for a precious bit of the rare ore and T’hurlk’s perceptions of them when he saw them were entirely psychic (because they would not appear in that light, they easily obscured their forms).. The underground humanoids were not interested in any kind of warfare but the amount of rare ore the warrior’s people had mined was a major obstacle for the duties of them. Eventually they settled on a pair of diplomatic tribal leaders to interact in a very open way with just T’hurlk. The warrior’s people had not seemed to notice what effect they were having on other human beings around them when they had mined abundant amounts of the unusual metals. This incredibly rare and precious material came in veins within underground rock wall cavens and the presence of even a hint of a vein was almost impossible to detect because it was extremely minuscule in size and usually looked similar to the dark rocks all on the cavern wall. They were left mostly with feeling by hand to determine the presence of any special ore veins, and only their most sensitive and psychic miners would do that feeling out.

The two peculiar diplomatic tribal visitors from the sub-terranean depths of the planet T’hurlk was plundering appeared to him in a wavering yellow humanoid haze. They were something like a mirage in the light red sands of the desert T’hurlk was wandering through to reach the caverns below before they came up to greet him. Their eyes were covered over with amber colored rocks, rounded and smooth with no sign of pupils or flesh in the sockets. In fact, their skin was unusual and appeared slightly artificial to the large copper haired warrior, their epidermis appearing almost as if it were a skin-suit devised to mask their ethereal forms underneath. The advanced race of however many was appearing as a duo for diplomacy to somehow appease T’hurlk’s people mostly to try and stop them from behaving in an overtly self-destructive way while in their naive pursuit of the dangerous ore. If T’hurlk’s people had any idea what they were taking, it is likely they would not have been trying for the masters of the ore, those strange tribal people believed that the sacred rocks contained bits of their souls and to disturb them would force each individual to reassign their own destinies to something far more dangerous and unfulfilling. 

The pair both raised a finger up to point at the rippling physique of T’hurlk and a charged beam of rays emitted suddenly from their fingertips! A red wave wrapped around the two shots of intense golden light that penetrated T’hurlk and drove him into what loosely resembles a ‘micro black hole’, though this was the right size for him to fit perfectly (neither more nor less) and on the other side of it when he passed through, he found himself buried below the soil of some strange new world.  A wooden object pressed at his fingertips and reaching down to grasp it, something told him before he felt it in the darkness that it was a hammer made from the magical ore they were digging up massive quantities of on his home world. In it was a vibration, a pulse— a sense of something extraordinary. It seemed to wake up something inside of him, as if the weapon was made for him and nobody else and each time he gripped it would feel the pulsing energy bonding him to the materials. T’hurlk had the natural sense that the gift of the sledge was bestowed by the tribal masters on the other world he came from, and that it would be integral for him to make use of it to find his way.

Guh’thl was frothing at the grotesquely fanged mouth and wreaking havoc in a berserkers rage with black tinged red flaming wisps shooting off him in all directions. The enormously ornery and magical wild animals were steering away from him now as his tempestuous killing spree was happening in a hyperactive motion and he began to appear as if he were spinning around uncontrollably, a whirring blurry mess of death. His turbulent motion was burrowing him into the ground! The bark-like skin he possessed was working like a drill bit now as his whole body spun steadily down below the dirt in the hole he was creating. The tremors from his storm of motion knocked most of the surrounding wildlife over, some of them closer to the goblin lost their lives from the onslaught of churned up rocks and debris. 

T’hurlk sensed the change of tensions in the soil above him and began stamping his feet in anguish while instinctively considering a new way out. Guh’thl continued to whirl himself into the ground ever deeper as the warrior used his great hammer to begin bashing above himself at the great clay ceiling, risking a collapse which could instantly crush him into a permanent burial site on the alien world. The goblin’s thunderous spinning assault on soil, clay, rocks he was digging made it possible to avoid being a direct target for the local beasts and they got back to their murders of each other rather than face the monstrous Guh’thl ripping them apart by the dozen. After a time T’hurlk’s hammer broke through the roof of his enclosure just as the berserking goblin was about to poke through from above in a chaotic spin! The timing of the miner and the goblin coming into each other from opposites directions at the same time caused the unprepared Guh’thl to be struck in his feet by T’hurlk’s great hammer just as it was crashing through the last layer of dirt above him! Instead of being damaged by the blow, Guh’thl only came to an immediate stop from his otherwise unstoppable frothing, crazed magically spin. When the dull clash of the red-headed warriors metal hammer met with with the goblin’s woody feet and Guh’thl stopped completely all of a sudden, the goblin fell like a stone into the depths of the cavern with T’hurlk who quickly seized the opportunity to use his foot to spring off the bark-like body of the stunned goblin! The giant mining warrior broke free from his underground cell by launching off the rock-like form of the crazed dark green savage who was left to sputter and grunt in pain, utterly confused.

When T’hurlk had landed from his giant’s leap out of the deep dank hole he was in, he had landed all the way across the pink river, away from the fricassee of the enraged wild beasts. He had cleared the whole waterway in one extraordinary jump and in doing so, realized he must be a lot larger in his physical form than he was before or the planet he was on had much smaller life and geographical formations than the dimensional perspective was from where he came. He also felt stronger, as if his muscles would be more capable than before in the new world, even more than would be normal for the of his increase of his size. He was obviously oversized for the more passive animals across the river where he had landed and if he was not careful, he would kick through some of them as he jogged up the mountainside. He was vaguely aware that he may have physically expanded from his jaunt out of the underground prison, an echo in his mind bubbled up into his consciousness indicating that it could have been a conscious decision for him to manipulate his form instantaneously the appropriate size for his perceptions to engage properly for his mission to ascend to light to become a reality. It was an obstacle that defined him and would have killed him to fail— even taking his soul.

The goblin writhed in pain down below in the ghastly darkness, an event which took some doing for Guh’thl the goblin was so tough-skinned that he was all but impervious to the sensation of any kind of pain and it was quite the adjustment for him to understand the new magic! Pain to him was something he would eat like fear from others, would guzzle it down like fresh blood with his spiritual darkness which was just as dangerous as a physical weapon or an elemental spell weaver’s powers. It would take a magical blade to pierce his skin and then only when wielded by a being who was able to wield it with unusual skill and great force. The dark green monster who was blotted with orange warts, brown mottled splotches, grey patches and some very dark green that would give him some stealth in the darkness. The troublemaker clutched at his lower back, seething in a blistering agony. Though he was devoid of empath it did clock with him that he might find something feed off from the pain, and in fact he began to use his malevolent spiritual magics to trace a path from his pain to those of injured animals above the ground, and in doing so he neutralized his own worries and found a strength! It was not long before he could siphon huge quantities of satisfying panic, pain from tears and bites into flesh, and the most ultimately satisfying morsel was the point which the souls of his victims separated from their bodies and he could delight in an orgasmic parade of delightful soul feasting. With his renewed energy (and more powerful than he was before, since interacting with this alien brute with a blunt weapon), he rose up from the blackness of the subterranean prison cel. There had been just enough light creeping through that he could see out with his heightened visual sensory perception, and located a promising pink grassed path upward by accessing a hiking route along the walls of the vertical tunnel. He dug his hands and clawed feet into the clay and dirt walls of his light well, rising upward by lifting himself with one agile move after another. It would have appeared much closer to a giant snake slithering around the walls with just a glint of light to reflect off their scaly skin to know they were there, but to Guh’thl it was only a logical and sinuous journey from one point on the wall to the next. His hands had impressive spiked fingernails which like his spiked toenails gave him purchase from any angle along the walls of even locations which had liquids splashing down. The ferocious strength of the goblin was never oversued, as each motion of the clever lifeforms movements were timed, articulated with much more intelligence and forethought than most would give a goblin but goblins rarely lacked any cognitive capacities to deduce things by logic, as many relay but instead were quite clever but they would only use their intelligences for specifically evil things, generally focused on missions to accomplish for a master or for other goblins. The only goal he usually had was glee for others suffering and that was usually all he needed to keep himself going.

The disgusting menace sprouted up from the hole to wind up once again on the pink grassy battlefield landing nimbly onto the little path he had seen from below. Dripping black, green and orange sweat droplets onto the bloody ground, he ran in the direction T’hurlk had crossed the river and shook his fist at what he saw across the pink waters with the copper haired hammer-wielder trekking off against the mountainside in a glorious sprint. A distant speck became the miner as he ran at lightning speed up to the peak of the mountainside and disappeared over the top, an impossible pursuit for the heated hard hided goblin to consider engaging in. Guh’thl held something in his hand now that he had not had before and that was a tiny sliver of metal which came from the warriors home world where his hammer was forged. Apparently the impact of the odious goblin’s feet with the warrior miner’s hammer head had shorn off a bit of the goblin’s bark skin while depositing a tiny fleck of ore into his toe from the exchange. The goblin wound up with the metal bit somehow in his hand and once he noticed, ran off satisfied with that in a hasty trot.