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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO is busy busy busy! We are at the point of awaiting Dana’s throat to heal for Voice Overs and for a keyboard to be returned once done recording, then we can do a tiny portion of music. There’s only a few VO’s to get done now and Dana is working with the footage for Camille to take over the video post-production and put all the finishing touches. is developing a nude series with picture sales, and also the 25 sculpture goal is actually being reached. We have a first version of ceramic style flat sculptures but they were not pleasing to Dana and we are putting all the designs through vector art processes to actually develop 3d printable sculptures! This is more suitable for SCi CO because we won’t need to store lots of pieces, it’s a nice gimmick that agrees with the style of the pieces and it’s also a good way to make molds for stone form.


We have a new poster for the movie being made right now with still captures and it will be very modern, Flash style with a lot of work done on the collage to make it sensational.


Dana has been editing “Shuke’s War” a bit more lately, preparing for the Thanksgiving first edition goal. We also have “Night Lights” fusion jazz guitar album coming out. We have mixes for “Bach in Socket” and are being reviewed by some Swiss labels (and film production companies!).


Keep posted…