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Update: Release Schedule - SCI CO

Update: Release Schedule

Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO has contracted with Camille Spain to handle all of the post-production on video for the film. This gives her autonomy to handle the special fx, cleanup, credits and any improvements to the film. This is a large task list but very small for a typical sci-fi or horror feature. The less is more attitude is going to play in, we really want to have support and subtlety with digital fx because CGI is not something SCi CO really likes as much as old school! But we need it minimally.


Dana did make the deadline for a Rough Cut but the plan has changed to get Camille for to do the video post and she’s requiring a month! We were ready to release a very primitive digital version on Halloween but Spain won’t be ready with the shopping cart update until at least Nov. 7. This pushback was beyond our control and shouldn’t be much of an issue. We are not really prepared to capitalize on a Halloween dollar with any advertising and the festivals are not real interesting for Halloween. Most sci fi and horror fests are not at Halloween! Also we’re less optimistic about the festivals themselves with a high percentage being unworthy of entry fees. When we are at festivals it will be reputable larger ones with either GoFundMe campaigning or similar, or a financial backer. It will be a few thousand dollars to enter the festivals we want.


The film will be complete with packaging, new poster, video and 1st generation sound (the sound mix might be months actually, then we’ll release the new version with a slight alteration on credits). Camille will ultimately determine price point and we’ve discussed the financial disbursements of percentages. Some cast / crew are not easy to find at this time and we’ll be diverting payments to each in an account for them to collect when ready. We’ll be working on a soundtrack release by Christmas.

SCi CO is going to be completed with basic recording for “Night Lights” by Thanksgiving, as a target date. “Bach In Socket” is 98% tracked and will be heading to Craig Parker Adams Winslow Ct. Studios in Hollywood, CA for a mix down as soon as we get those last 2 little lines in there! We had a little file issue and it will be simple to resolve.


SCi CO is devoting a large amount of work time November to the editing of “Shuke’s War” also for a slated Thanksgiving basic completion date. We have a new cover for that coming on as well.


The film looks great and we’re proud of the work. We’ll be happy to begin sales next month and release the film around the world. Festivals are not the only place to release the movie. We are working out something for IMDB and a theatrical release probably after Christmas or around that time.