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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

The MUC Cowboy scene is much improved and we’re onto the ACTIVISTS. We’re now about 40% done with the sound polishing. Though slightly behind from the initial schedule, we did not press through on it because festivals are not as important to make. But we are keeping the main sales date at Halloween, if Camille gets done in time with the Shopping Cart feature. If not it will be within a few days or a week at most.


We’ve determined the video work is going to be fairly small work compared to what we believed. We will not spend inordinate time on that because we have minimal needs at all, we’re not looking for places to add things, just to put them where scripted. It’s only a few places and then some minor technical fixes. We will be hiring some real experts to do the audio and video fixing.


We are very excited by the news that the audio is possible to really refine well! The software available is going to be from a sound engineer who recently did work with the BET network. The word is that there will be almost no problem at all with any little clinks or rattles, some bumps or buzzing…all of the very small things that just get in the way a bit because our production was so low budget we felt lucky to get what we were saying on the mic, it was not easy for us to have sound. Maybe 30% of this is in camera sound or maybe 20%. Quite a lot just Sony mic in the camera! No other takes available. When we get the sound completed it will be a nice smooth crystal clear quality. We were concerned but not too worried, but now it’s a non issue.


The ACTIVISTS polishing is next. We’re moving fast on polishes, this is just refining and getting rid of the junk, sprucing up the mix / volume levels, getting everything just right.