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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re polishing up the sound now getting ready for final cut. What we’ve noticed is there are a few places here and there that have little sound issues like a clink or a rattle. It’s not too noticeable, not too many but we’ll pay to have them treated by a sound pro with the appropriate software.


Scene 1 in the Chowder Bowl– is awesome! Admittedly, Dana was a bit reticent to leave it in the state it was in but he needed to move on at the time. There wasn’t much work to do on it, but it was the first scene worked on and there were limitations from Dana’s lack of experience. The whole scene has been cut together now with all the sound issues attended to as best as possible. The performance by the Chowder Bowl owner is the best of all actors, but Kevin S. Martin steals the scene. We’re glad it worked out, it’s very encouraging.


The YURT location scene with WISE GREY HAIRED MAN and FLAV turned out very well. We have some fun and interesting music in it. The polishing was fast. We also did the mini scene of VIOLETZ with PASSY in the car setting up the beach dig.


Now we’re onto MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY’s 7 minute scene. The polishing is very very fast, we didn’t need it before now because festivals are going to be carefully selected and there’s not really any good ones right now. We learned an expensive lesson not to enter everything we see, there’s so many bad ones out there. The good ones take a bit of research to know are good, but are worth the money. This scene requires some polishing but not too extensively. It is one of the better overall scenes with the sound and video quality. John’s performance is uncanny, a real legendary talent. We’ll be moving through the scenes one by one, keeping our release date for the first sales. The plan is that we’ll release the first versions and then when we distribute with a major network the advanced and expensive sound polishing or whatever glossing up can be done. We’re working on the main overall content with the maximum quality we can get. Aside from a few technical shortcomings, we’re definitely in excellent territory!