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Update- SCi CO Becomes Chamber of Commerce Member - SCI CO

Update- SCi CO Becomes Chamber of Commerce Member

Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO Films has become a proud member of the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce! We’re working with the team for business strategies and for linking up with partners.


Dana has recorded ‘Bach In Socket’ Raw and Switched On. “Raw” is available free for now, in a couple of weeks will be at 15 an album it looks like 14.99. We are recording “For Babies” next and the ‘Switched On’ is being produced by Craig Parker Adams of Winslow Ct. Studios in Hollywood California. “Raw” is analog synth without any studio fx.


We’ve had to rethink our strategy on festivals because of so many bad ones out there! Truly bad. We were a bit innocent but will be refocusing on the larger more legitimate ones.


We do have our rough cut but not sure what to do with it, it’s not being published. The film can be shown now. But we have work to do. The version we will have for sale with the Shopping Cart additions will be the first version and then we’ll refine until it’s the last slick one. This is not too uncommon for a low low budget first feature film release. But it won’t be too long, not another period of months and months. We’re at the point where we’re getting a few more thousand things done of a million and it’s all looking good. Please keep in mind for those who have any interest that this is a long term plan with the film wanting to make money year after year. Though it’s long overdue, we do not feel as if the property has diminished in value.