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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

The sound polishing has led to some very fascinating and fun observations with the first scene work. The very first scene we began with in sound synching, way back even with the first lines being spliced in, was the restaurant scene. Seeing the difference of sound production from the last scene of the LUMBERJACK with the first scene shows a gigantic difference in control, realism, support of acting. This scene was challenging when made and we had sound issues with a few of the non-scripted moments but we’re looking pretty good. This is the roughest scene left to work on now, has some fixes to apply and we’ll be in good territory. The acting is remarkable, there’s quite a lot of interesting camera work from our perspective and the story is developing right from the first lines. Thus we are please with the first few moments. The shining performance is the restaurant owner who dared to be an actor for the first time in his life. SCi CO could not have cast a better person for the role if we had 1000000 people audition. It was meant to be.


The polishing is very fast comparably but we’ll be expecting some pretty intensive work at some points. This is far more technical than the sound work we just completed after so much prolonged efforts.


Dana is recording the first of three releases for “Bach In Socket” which will be 15 two-part Inventions with one accompaniment voice. We’ve built up to this for a while and have a website and album cover, sheet music ready to go, are preparing the shopping cart. The synth will be very raw and minimal, then a flute with piano version and one with chimes for babies. The inventions are free now on Soundcloud for enjoyment but will be replaced with purchasable versions at Halloween.