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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO has spent several days getting the work studio straightened up and situated with the new green screen/lighting, dealing with talent submissions for the acting, Dana is resting a lot, getting errands taken care of. We needed a break from the intensity of the film. It’s not just the normal workload but the subject matter in the situation of the realities from making this film, in other words the murders in the LUMBERJACK sequence are touching upon some real events.


Dana is doing well. We’re on schedule for the Oct. 14 rough and Halloween release but we’re not as concerned with the Halloween festival circuit as before because we made a bit of a blunder and most of those submission dates are past. Fortunately for SCi CO , most of the good horror festivals are not actually in October. Also, most of the festivals around this time are not Halloween horror related. Festies maybe took a dip this year in that market, though there are several. There will be no shortage of festivals, we’re going to sink a lot of cash into entry fees. We’re also looking at some crowdfunding options to get in the biggest ones, like Sundance is $500. Cannes is 600-800! We didn’t even pay Christina Kortum the ingenious special fx makeup artist more than that…


We’re mainly focused on the commercial release, beginning to make money and starting the festival venture. Once we begin submissions SCi CO will run this very ambitious production for a year.


SCi CO is beginning some music video production tomorrow. We’ve got a new green screen set in the studio and have a nice acoustic rendition tomorrow for a selected song we won’t know until just before. But SCi CO is going to try plugging out just once a week at minimum of a basic acoustic number, original or cover. Dana’s catalogue of songs goes back to about 2001 and he wrote hundreds in Hollywood, dozens more in Vermont and some even in OR. Having mostly switched to classical for composition and fusion jazz for guitar, Dana is doing his own singer-songwriter music and some covers. The videos will be very basic, simple for sound quality mostly. These will be sold a bit but looked at as promotion for SCi CO Music.