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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We added some percussion to spice up the suspense and weirdness of the LJ pyscho scene, which is blatantly insane of him to be a transvestite eyeball eating murderer. The last seconds, the clam attack itself is partially scored, we’re going to go over the work today and finish it off for the stage to be complete.


We’re going to be using our new microphone to finalize all dialogue changes/replacements.

Our new talent is still auditioning for the TV CHAT MODEL roles. We have actors wanting the role as far as Nevada so far, offering their own transportation/lodging costs to be in this film at regular pay, nowhere near enough to cover their expenses.


Dana is as busy as he was before having to leave Newport for uninhabitable conditions of living, which led to 18 months of horrible renting situations (resulting finally in property loss and life threatening injury by police).