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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

The musical score for the LUMBERJACK solo/clam attack sequence has taken the most work of all scenes, not counting the classical compositions but just the synth score. It’s now at a point where we are at the attack itself which is very brief. The VOICE OVER is rendered for the thoughts of LJ while he calmly has his smoke and eyeball after his convo with his wife. His poem is very rural and his attitude is psychotic but he is not a florid schizoid like MENTALLY UNSTABLE COWBOY, we have a great separation of characterizations. The music is very active and has a lot of texturing. There’s some interesting sound fx to layer the psychological situation of LJ with his inner world and the action.


There’s going to be a replacement of a couple of lines with the improved fidelity from the new mic (for LJ’s car ride) and then a completion of the last music, which is predicted to be a much easier task than the long 45 seconds of challenging work for LJ with his bizarre stoicism.

SCi CO is working to get a ballerina for some promotional musical video work after January, we will be making videos for “Ash Sprites”, “Light Faerie Falls” and whichever other ballet piece is composed by then!

Stay tuned for a wrap update on the LJ scene. We’re looking to the schedule now for Rough Cut finalization, which is the final process before we move on to the video after effects work, then the release.