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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We have implemented our e-commerce strategy and our web person is now designing our methods for payment with the inventories! This is a gigantic step forward for SCi CO with a long time planning ahead. ALL SCi CO sites will have Shopping Cart functionality by Halloween time, including probably which otherwise has a Jan. 1 operational timeline (it may be not be operational but the shopping feature will be present on that site). The film will have a poster printed option we decided but it will be Collector’s Poster, meaning it will be on expensive paper at probably one size only and it will be a premium price– $40-50 is likely or even a bit more. T-Shirts will have to be probably in the range of 25-30. We will decide the rental and download price point for the film, but we might settle on a 10.99 Download and a 1.99 or 2.99 rental fee. The Soundtrack will likely be $14.99 or more, we will try to turn a profit for the music since we have a lot of original stuff, it’s expansive by genre and took a lot of extra work.


Once these properties are available commercially, SCi CO will be able to keep public accountability for all sales and deliver payments to all contracted parties for their earnings. This will reward the cast/crew and investors for SCi CO with immediate cash monies for all sales relating directly to their specific participatory product correspondence. This complex of payments is something we are told that will take time to set up but won’t be as complicated, expensive or otherwise an issue for dealing with in an online sales function.


We will be going through a lot to polish the sound up before release (such as the Voice-Over for the Trailer / Preview clip with Passy articulating to his action, needs re-dub). Then we will be dealing with a Sound Mix. We are guaranteeing a version out by Halloween because we are actually at the point of having one, we could release now and it’d be ‘fine’. It’s more or less complete. But with the finalization of the LUMBERJACK scene, then the final work on the overall sound editing job, we will be in good schedule territory for Titling, Special FX and Cleanup. Special FX is very minimal, Titling will be a matter of hours to facilitate and Cleanup will be something we won’t worry too much about before Halloween, but it won’t take long to do a decent job ourselves before hiring a professional for any major issue.


We’d like to see a profit for our film by this time next year.