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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO took a day off from the film itself yesterday to do work on some art and to negotiate for some new business strategies with Camille Spain. We’ve opted for an e-commerce design which will be effective for us across SCi CO’s websites, including the warehouse of sounds at . This is an elaborate, expensive and time-consuming implementation which has been a long time coming but until recently was not structured into the timeframe for immediate use. We’re looking to a Halloween release of the film and we’ve decided to promote mostly a Downloadable option in favor of a DVD (which we will probably have but it will be a third option with an on-demand service). We’re likely to price at $12.99 and $2.99 for a Rental, possibly $3.99 . SCi CO is going to be dealing with an expert on price points before settling but that is the range we’re considering at this time. T-Shirts and posters, art prints and sculptures will be possible to pay for online with a card or PayPal. Our web guru will be working with SCi CO to facilitate all of the appropriate shares to all those who have vested interests in the products being paid for.


We’ll begin sound work once again today at the point where we have about 20 seconds of original music to complete with a few  LJ voice-overs. We’re going to add some monster sounds to the clam attack sequence and that will be a wrap! The video has been edited, we’re very glad to see a result with that after so much work has come alive with an entertaining and passable animated clam attack. It’s brief but good.


Our new poster is being designed now with a computerized sort of appearance and more emphasis on horror than comedy or campiness, romance. It is a similar poster to the one we’ve got on the website now but will be modernized and using real poster images.