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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO decided to replace a lot of the music for the LJ sequence because it was a bit too complex and we’re seeing better results with more simple bass oriented synth lines. We’ve also added some dialogue there, which is poetic inner thoughts of the transvestite slayer, rather dim-witted attempts at a personal poetry jam. This has worked out well for the dramatic quality of the sequence.


This has been the most challenging scene work to edit, this last little bit but we’re in an awesome place now with the film and the music is getting refined to a nice accompaniment. It’s taking oodles of work but we’re squeezing something out which appears worth it from our editing perspective. We have really got to put the extra effort in to make sure we get the best movie we can get and we’re literally at the last 30 seconds or so of creative content. Most of it is already laid out, we’re surgically operating around some parts which work and relaying some bass lines and some synth lines over those. It’s a very nice effect, reminiscent of 70’s horror flicks and very much like some famous Switched-On movies.


The voice-over we have for LJ up to the point of clam attack is good, we may use it but if not we’ll probably keep the lines and redo the voice-over. SCi CO did manage to find a very inexpensive vintage microphone which has a warm quality, a large amount of range. We’re using it for all the new voice-over work and will say it’s about as good as the Rode boom mic we had, which is very high quality though their most economical.


SCi CO will be producing some original promotional content with a green screen set up in SCi CO studios. SCiCOSounds.Com is going to become a Sound Library for licensing original voice-overs, music, sound fx and foley. SCi CO will be using some sound clips from “Raiders…” to make some money for the cast and crew.


We’re happy with the content of the motion picture and feel all the time delays will be worth the final product. We are on schedule for our Halloween debut.