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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We have strong music for the 45 seconds or so until the clam attacks, which is where we are pausing for a break from work for a bit. The music is the most complex for the synth score yet with several layers of rich material made to go with the action, which is strange and horrific. We’ve edited the clam attack sequence completely now and it’s really an excellent result from such toil. SCi CO spent probably 5 or more hours just working with a sequence which lasts about 5 seconds at most. We’re winding up with something which is rather convincing, especially compared with the obviously low budget limitations which were visible in the previous cut. This has become one of the most exciting and comedic scenes of the picture and it’s really got a lot of horror which is not just violent but very psychological. SCi CO gets a cue in there to live up to its name with a little ode to a certain major feature featuring a taxidermist peeper. Laura Welsh is at least going to have a lot of work behind the performances to match her insanely powerful portrayal of a pampered misanthrope whose beauty has snared a lawyer into her web of deceit and manipulation. She’s both dim-witted and facile tongued with her crazed husband opposing the metered nasally EPSTEIN, with LUMBERJACK coming straight from the loony asylum.


We’re just about wrapped with sound now, there’s only a few more sound fx, about 15 seconds of music and a bit of mixing to do before we’re moving on. The polishing phase will be followed by a celebration of the Rough Cut being finalized, which will be used for the video post production. There’s only 20 -30 seconds of footage that needs shakiness adjustment, similar for lens spot or soft focus issues or lighting/balance which can be corrected by the video post.


Pre-release sales will begin Oct. 13 most likely with the e-commerce update to . We’re arranging for new cover art/poster by then. The sale price will be set finally with the help of our marketing guru and some analysis of the independent release film market. A soundtrack will be available by Thanksgiving time probably for around 12 – 15.


This is especially good news about the LJ clam attack sequence because a lot of the footage was challenged from time pressure and conditions, so we’re pleased to be winding up with images that do not appear out of step with some of the best work of the picture.