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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve been scoring the scene and we’re just about up to the point where the clam attacks the LUMBERJACK. Fortunately, we’re in a lot better shape than we anticipated as far as the footage for the actual clam attack sequence? We had thought we’d need a bit re-cut but the last editing job we did actually got it above the bar and we didn’t really notice until now how good it works, we had too much other stuff going on. In fact we’re scrapping about 20 seconds of useless cigarette smoking and we’re going to be putting a bit of a punctuation point on the eyeball scene, making it a bit quicker. We’ve got about 40 seconds of solid music and no dialogue or other sound but the LJ at this point, we’re working with the scene to see how to mold it together but it’s coming together nicely. We’re satisfied with the content up to the point where LJ is by himself. We have music in place there now, will see what we keep or update.


It’s going to be tonight or tomorrow probably that we’ll be moving onto the next phase of sound work which is to polish the entire picture from start to finish, prepare the final Rough Cut for video post production. We may wind up releasing a version early to cast and crew members. The earliest possible official sale date will be Oct. 13 but we’re planning on a Halloween sale with our web guru.