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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re through the LUMBERJACK lines which took really quite a lot of working with the characterization. He’s an ethereal sort, totally and wildly insane. He’s also got to be defiant with his wife, mocking her impetuously while maintaining a fun attitude. And on top of this, just working next to the insatiably talented Laura Welsh was a real challenge! She delivers a red-hot performance her, she’s on fire and LUMBERJACK does everything to keep up. We’ve come now to the moment of truth with the clam attack, we’re going to be working with the footage but it’s already clear we’re keeping most of it, possibly scrapping the cigarette bit and just rolling with the eyeball. We’re pretty close to completion on this segment, which will free us up for a lot of progress with finalizing the rough cut. We may have music tracked before tomorrow morning.