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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO could not resist the chance to update the Voice Overs for EPSTEIN during the scene with LUMBERJACK WIFE. What we had was a good performance but the fidelity was not as good as Laura Welsh’s. So we’ve replaced a third of them so far and we’ve got performances about as good as before but with improved audio quality. We’re doing the same thing with LUMBERJACK lines in the car. We’re keeping the hooping whooping insanities of the LJ during the EPSTEIN murder but changing almost everything else. We’ve done a couple of lines from the LJ exchange with LJW. This is all definitely improving the film’s entertainment value and the audio quality.


SCi CO Books is going to be producing an Audiobook version of Shuke’s War the moment we have a final edited version. This is not a project which will begin soon but the equipment is ready, we’ve hunted some bargains down and have decent microphone and accessories to produce the project. It will have original music and some small amount of sound fx. Hopefully we will encourage Craig Parker Adams to give us his engineering skills. This is something we hope to maybe accomplish by Christmas.


Dana is writing some new lines for the TV CHAT MODELs who are being scheduled right now for their production dates. We have 1600w of classic old school movie lighting, our original SCi CO camera repaired (from a small battery door issue) and an upgrade to the green screen. We are officially ready on Saturday once all has been set up. Microphones and cameras, lights are tested and green screen apparatus is all we require to begin production. We have a final production date of Sep. 30 on this in order to make the final publication date of first Rough Cut by Oct. 13.


Today we return to Voice Over work on the LJ scene. This requires performances from Dana who is managing all of the missing male Voice Overs himself. We will see how he does with two lines from TJ Pelham (mimicking his voice) because if we have to replace all TJ’s lines it will lower the film a bit in its overall entertainment value and will take a few days to nail each separate line. TJ’s masterful understated comedy will be very sorely missed if this is the case!

We’ve also written new lines for the TV CHAT MODELS! We’ve already got more scripted than we can possibly use. SAMPLE:




I’ll meet you at your bank so you can sign over your

savings to me. Then people might think we were together


More later…