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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO took a day off from working on the film post-production itself to rest, and to deal with several other business issues. One of these is generation of a new “Raiders of the Lost Clam!!!” movie poster! We’ve gotten a good promo piece with the previous artist but SCi CO wants something a bit more modern and slick, a lot more Horror than campy. The new vision is going to go with the festival releases and a marketing strategy with our graphic artist and web guru Camille Spain. The new poster will be ready by Oct. 13 at the latest but we’re looking at possibly as early as this week for early versions.


“Shuke’s War” is being edited for publication now. Dana was not working on that because of the kind of concentration required, and when he was writing it before there was a scare on Camille actually from an attempted assault. Dana relocated, was sleep deprived and harassed, assaulted and drugged, stopped from relieving himself and after six months of this was assaulted by police who stole SCi CO and his personal property which represent a lifetime of research, music, art. Thus, it was not easy to commit time to “Shuke’s War” because it requires a certain level of comfort and enjoyment. Dana is working daily again at a pretty decent pace, maybe about full time again by the clock and for lack of a project to work on otherwise, began again with the book. It’s got about 140 pages to edit but they are not rewrites, they are refinements of a second draft. We may be able to put it out before the anticipated first print of Thanksgiving, but this is an aside from the movie and the two recording projects.


“Bach In Socket” is getting some technical guidance from the Nord manufacturers of musical keyboards. We’re working to get the right software for basic sequencing and then will be producing the music very quickly from computerized renditions of the music. “Night Lights” is being recorded on a bit everyday or so, is planned for a Thanksgiving.


SCi CO did acquire the economy microphone. We’re not investing in the same kind of microphone used for the production because of the need for only a small amount of lines (most of which have no matching issues/continuity). It’s a solid little microphone with a great manufacturer and we’ll be getting back to work on the LJ scene today with new voice content. We have a performance in there for LUMBERJACK now but it’s failing to really get the chemistry working with the phenomenal acting job by Laura Welsh, who really knocks it out of the park and into orbit. Her rendition of LUMBERJACK WIFE is so strong that she might wind up being the most noticeable character for audiences, it’s a hot ticket with her in the scene.