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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re excited here at SCi CO because the sound editing work for the violence of the EPSTEIN murder by LUMBERJACK is done and it’s very fun! This is a brutal murder with some dark hilarity. We did wind up using this performance (among other clips from the series on this link):


We have great stuff up to that point with “Angry Man” the song by The Black Tryangul playing on LUMBERJACK’s radio in the car as he speeds along to kill EPSTEIN.


We have an interesting little montage for LUMBERJACK WIFE to wake up to and now we’re to the dialogue with LUMBERJACK and his WIFE. This requires the microphone SCi CO just had replaced and we’ll be able to pick that up in a few days. Right now we’re moving on to the foley and ambient sound for the remaining couple of minutes for this clip. There’s almost no work to be done until the clam attack which is mostly ‘there’, we’ll need to do some editorial magic video wise and then add some awesome library sounds to the clam-kill. This is a very brief segment and we’re being highly creative with the editing since we had an intensely tight shoot for time that day with the actor literally leaving the state by plane to move away — straight from the film set! We were up to the second but we have good stuff and we’ll be using some French new wave techniques to fill in the gaps.


We have a bit of music to add to the scene work and then we’ll be moving on to polishing all of the sound for the whole film. Dana might have a chance to fake TJ Pelham’s one line, since he is unavailable for a new Voice Over with all his crisis work. Dana managed to fool himself (or almost) with an overdub for FLAV, but we went wit h a cutaway from another take using the actor’s real voice.