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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re completing the sound work for the LUMBERJACK murder of EPSTEIN which is a macabre humor splatter-punk theme. This is all with lovely LUMBERJACK WIFE tossing and turning during her beauty sleep, so we’re putting all the action of the killing together with sound. After that sequence is the convo with LJ and LJW, then the clam attack sequence. The dialogue with LJ and LJW is satisfying but we need a bit of editorial work on the montage with LJ by himself out on the road, then some work on the clam attack sequence itself (which is a brief number of seconds). At that point we will be just about wrapped on basic sound work.

When we polish and complete the rough sound print we’ll be getting the film into the next phase with Adobe After Effects, where we will put all the little touches for special effects , Titling/Credits, cleaning up of the footage, etc.


Dana is also working on the first jazz fusion guitar album for SCi CO called “Night Lights”. That has a Thanksgiving Day release schedule and we’re recording most days of the week for that right now, are ahead of schedule. Bach In Socket is currently in a pre-recording phase with some technical ordeals being handled so we can record the album.