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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re into the violent scene work with EPSTEIN being murdered by LUMBERJACK. The sound library we have now to work with is very replete. We’re already in good shape and we will be refining and really make the murder sounds crystallize. This all takes place during LUMBERJACK WIFE’s nap, so we don’t see the murder and we hear it over her tosses and turns. We’ll be adding a musical score to the sequence once we’re out of the water with the foley.


This will bring us to the voice over area for LJ. SCi CO has had to replace the original microphone which developed a crackle from so much use over production. We’re getting a replacement in within a few days and will be continuing with the rest of the sound work in the scene until then.


We’re expecting the polishing and replacement of audio from free library sounds to pay (which will be maybe 30% replacement as a guess) to be about fairly fast by comparison with the creative sound work.


We are working on getting the schedule down for our actors to shoot for the TV Model Commercial and we may be hiring a new talent for one or two lines.

We will be picking up speed this week for the sound and getting as much accomplished as we can before the TV Model Commercial scene work production. We will not move the release date up for festivals from Halloween probably even if we have a completed film well before that however we may release some previews before or show in a special select viewing before then.