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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana has been resting quite a bit these last few days but is continuing with the work. The chest injury and shoulder wound by police are not going to heal completely ever, it appears and his pain is not gone. It was predicted by the Physical Therapist to take up to 18 months to heal fully.


But we’re still making progress. Dana has opted to polish up the LUMBERJACK scene (instead of go straight to the new voice overs and do the polish after). We’re about 2.5 minutes into the upgrade which is indicating for SCi CO that the fine tuning and update to the sound from a free library to pay will be fairly fast. We will wind up keeping a lot of the free sounds but some will be updated, particularly high quality ambient or background, foley. Many scenes will stay the same or almost the same.


Craig Parker Adams has updated us with some monster voice samples and they do sound Hollywood! We’re not quite ‘there’ yet with them but it’s almost exactly what Dana had imagined when penning the screenplay and it’s very exciting to hear the lines with the intended audio dynamic. We’re getting closer to the finished product here.


Dana is working with Camille Spain to prepare for shooting the new commercial sequence. We have serious talent hired for this segment and the green screen, lighting, sound testing, etc. is all being coordinated with SCi CO’s assistant producer. It will be a very low-key shoot, like several of the scenes in the film which are on green screen simply in a small apartment, but we’re confident we’ll have stellar footage with the talent in their sexy outfits. We have repaired the Sony video camera used for most of the production and will be putting it to use within a couple of weeks.


We will be working on the LJ scene through Sat. early morning and getting to the VO’s on Sunday. There’s about a dozen lines needed to be added for the LUMBERJACK, all will be easy to match since they will be 100% from the same actor/location rather than any replacements. Also the actor’s mouth is hidden by a mask so there’s no need to synch precisely. The brilliant acting job by Laura Welsh in the scene will be augmented with the chemistry of the new lines and we’ll be seeing the sequence come alive with its bitter macabre sense of humor.


SCi CO is going to be working with the Adobe After Effects platform to improve footage and to place minimal special fx in. There’s also titling/credits and custom green screen backgrounds (like a decent news room image). We will see what kind of Sound Mix is possible, it’s not certain if Craig Parker Adams will be in his element or have the time enough for a full Sound Mix of the movie but if so then it will not be the same as a true Sound Mixer, which is very specific to sound in motion pictures. Craig is a musical production master and we will see if he can squeeze something out for us, but if not we’re going to be using probably an inexpensive alternative such as a gifted student or we’ll bust one out ourselves.


The goal of Halloween is a financial goal at this point for SCi CO and we’re really focusing on business here.