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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

The HOTEL ZOMBIE scene is now awaiting the monster-effected PASSY lines. We’ve moved on otherwise to the LUMBERJACK scene. We’ve added “Epstein’s Theme” which is a brief intro/outro for the funky lawyer with a lascivious drawl. We’re laying some background ambience down and getting improvements from free sounds to pay library ones now.

The music for the LJ on his way by car to EPSTEIN’s house is “Angry Man” by Dana’s band “The Black Tryangul”. This song was written by Richard “Dickie” Santamore of Burlington, Vermont– a truly brilliant musical soul who gives a genuinely guttural and pure performance. Lyric example “Going Around Blood-Stains Hands/If I Don’t Get My Drugs I’m An Angry Man”.