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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana took several days off to rest and get a fresh start on the scene work. Ten minutes of basic sound editing and music composition for the film was not accomplished as quickly as SCi CO used to but we feel the work is good. It was also quite a large amount to marathon after a long hiatus of steady sound editing, with Dana’s health still recovering. The good news is the improvements to the scene are indeed refreshing to the scene and we have added some flavor we might not have had in before. Small touches have been added to the background and we have some nice improvements for realism and a touch of support for comedy.


Craig Parker Adams is putting something together for us with the Monster Voice. We’re excited to hear what he comes up with, it’s not a typical job for Craig and he probably won’t do much other work like this in his life but we couldn’t ask for a better engineer on this musical zombie voice.


Dana’s business is preparing an overhaul. There are going to be a lot of sculptures produced before Halloween as SCi CO is planning to sell merchandise with whatever promotion is earned with the movie and Bach In Socket. So we’re going to be making a lot of physical stone mold sculptures from about a year and a half of making the drawings for them. The goal is about 20-25 by Halloween already molded and on the ‘shelf’. Dana is not designing any new stone works (or only 1 per music sculpture) but is doing several sound sculpture pieces. Here is a recent one: