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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve sent off the PASSY ZOMBIE clips to our studio man in L.A. and will be awaiting the returns on those. The sound work for the HOTEL ZOMBIE scene is going to be slightly polished up before we’re moving onto the violent LUMBERJACK scene, which is about 80% or so complete on sound, we just waited for a better chance to Voice Overs done and to get better sounds for the attacks (clam and the EPSTEIN murder).


The new lines for PASSY ZOMBIE which are replacing most of the lines where ZOMBIE was speaking without his mouth being onscreen (about half of them or more) are much improved. There was a flat comedic barrier there, Dana got the lines in there but they never were as good as the rest of the humor provided by Spiller or the screenplay to that point. The improv’d lines by Dana are a jumping off point for us and the new improved lines are solid. In fact the chemistry of the scene work is noticeable changed, it’s much more kindred and the comedy is above the bar now where as before it was really sort of ‘eh’. The new lines were written first, also improv’d during the VO work by Dana. We also had to do a little VO for our Waiter Jose Cacho whose lines were unfortunately disturbed by some camera movement on set. But his performance is great and he will be a big moment in the film.


We’re also beginning work on a more modern poster. SCi CO spent a fortune on two posters: one which was never produced, and the second we got from Charlie. We feel that we can use a cover a bit more reflective of the contents of the picture, a bit more of a horror audience and a bit more slick.