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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

PASSY ZOMBIE has had his dialogue about 60% replaced. We haven’t counted but more than half of his one-liners are totally new lines. The ones we had before were starting points to use in editing, we knew at the time they’d require improvement from the improv Dana came up with at the time. We’ve got huge improvements in the comedy now, it breaks the barrier more than before and ignites a chemistry between PASSY ZOMBIE and VIOLETZ that is much more like girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife than before, which was sort of crude parlay by a drunk. There is a lot more impact and better opportunity to respond to Karmen Spiller’s performances responding to the horror show of ZOMBIE PASSY trying to make come-ons to his former lover, who is now pulling her hair out of her head in the tub as he tries to get her to let him in.


We have a sound engineer ready to convert all of PASSY ZOMBIE’s lines from the actor voice raw to the heavily digitized and altered monster sound. This is coming straight of Hollywood, California and it will make the scene as much as the makeup. The scene was written around the makeup and the lines are constructed around the demonic voice PASSY ZOMBIE possesses, while they carry on a conversation.


There’s not much sound work left on the 9:55 segment. We will replace a music clip at the end, adjust all the levels for a final mix…we will make sure all little foley work or nuances are in place before moving on, then we will move to the LUMBERJACK scene which requires some VOICE OVER work and a bit of video editing, then basic sound work for the clam attack which is about 15 seconds. After that we’ll be pretty close to polishing the whole film’s sound track to submit to our sound producer. Then we’ll move on to the Digital Special FX work, which is going to be extremely minimal on film but a lot of work for SCi CO to accomplish. We have a marketing goal of Halloween to release the product and begin sell but it could be sooner.