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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Craig Parker Adams is likely going to be doing a Sound Mix for us rather than Kyle Blachly, who was originally hired for that. We’re going to get a special Monster sound for PASSY from Craig’s magical touch as well. Kyle Blachly is busy, he gets paid a lot more money now and the unnatural delay of about 18 months to two years for post on this film has made his sound mix not real possible for us. This is fine, we’ll wind up with great sound.


SCi CO held a business meeting yesterday for internet strategies, budgeting, timing, organization and to have some feedback on where our film, book and compositions are now. We are working toward some new goals now with numbers and sales, with dates and releases, etc.


Now that we’re clear on the Monster sound and Sound Mixing, we are moving onto the Voice Over work for PASSY ZOMBIE today (we were worried about matching new takes to takes on location) and finish up the ┬álast of the scene work on the 10 minute end sequence. Then we’re going to be moving onto the LUMBERJACK scene work, where the last ‘large’ bit of creative work needs to be done, which is only about a minute of screen time and mostly completed. Then we have some minor sound work to do on the first scene with PASSY and V at the restaurant together, then a VO for one actor’s lines and then it’s onto polishing and replacing what sounds need to be improved for the whole picture. One major replacement need is for the protestors background sounds in the City Hall scene for the ACTIVISTS, because it’s horribly unbelievable with the guide track we have on it now.

We’ll have sound over a certain bar for the whole picture here fairly soon. Our projection for completion on the film right now is six weeks– all basic sound, digital fx, cleanup and special fx added. SCi CO is not pressuring itself to keep projection dates but we are really going for a full

marketing blitz campaign beginning with the Halloween festival circuit. Once the product is launched and we will be competing around the world with it, SCi CO will begin to use its time focusing on “Shuke’s War” release and promotion of Bach In Socket and “Clams…”.