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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Today we are posting a version of our 10 minute (it’s actually 9:55,we though it was only 9) end scene onto a Private link for Youtube which beautiful Ms. World  +  Ms. Washingon Rene Krystle-Hamlet can preview. There’s a lot of rough edges to it and more work to be done, but the bulk of the scene work is about what it will be in the final version, thus she can get a clear concept of the comedy flavors of our scenario. We’ll also be showing this to the other actors being filmed in a couple of weeks for the new tv commercial.


SCi CO is working on some business things with a partner today, taking care of some studio issues (organization, planning, review of media up to date). We’re also discussing the new BachInSocket.Com website with its products as well as some preparation for “Shuke’s War” being launched after “Clams…!!!” has basic sound/digital work done so we can begin releasing it. “Shuke’s War” has been on hold for about a year now but only has a fairly small amount of editorial work to be done on the manuscript before it can be released. We’re also adding some alternative covers and merchandise, promotional art, etc. That book is a lot of fun to work on and it’s a good carrot for Dana to reward himself with for finishing the haul of the load for “Clams…!!!” to the finish line!


We’re in excellent shape with this movie, our devoted cast and crew members (all sharing a piece of the profits in cash on what the movie makes, whatever that is) are going to be able to see their time and labor investment pay off for them. If nothing else, having audiences appreciate it at festivals and to have some exposure for themselves in their career, but also we may wind up making a buck or two together.


Above all we want to make people laugh and have a good time. And the Youtube upload was just successful as we write this note, and we are off to link that to our talent now. Tomorrow we will be either moved on to the LUMBERJACK scene or wrapping up with voice overs on the HOTEL ZOMBIE sequence. The ZOMBIE HOTEL scenes are all completed now except for a list of about 8 voice-overs.