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Updates - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve added the needed FLAV video inserts and are borrowing from some outtakes to add a tiny line between the additional CRAIG PARKER ADAMS footage (which was put in after shooting with Rollyn Stafford). This gives us the Skype style conversation which is the impetus for the string sextet being recorded. We’re minimizing the FLAV additions, just to set the scene up.


We’ve got a few small additions to make for FLAV’s audio and then we’ll be moving onto PASSY’s in-car dialogue replacement with VIOLETZ. There’s two lines in there and then we have a tiny bit more VO to add, and it’s a wrap on basic sound work for the HOTEL scene, though we do have a small musical sound effect to add for the KITTY in her alien spaceship.


The little sound booth SCi CO built from scratch with cardboard and sound insulation foam is working beautifully, the audio is crystal clear with no noise at all. We’re going to be moving onto the LJ sequence either tonight or tomorrow it looks like, adding about a dozen LJ lines and then the last of the major sound editing work, which was stalled because of a lack of soundproofing gear and a lack of good sounds to use for the attack.


SCi CO will be shooting a new scene in a couple of weeks to add on the tv before JIM SLEEDER’s “Action News Hour” clip with Farrah.