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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve been adding VOICE OVERS to the scene work now, the last addition before moving on. PASSY just before becoming a ZOMBIE version of himself, we’ve placed the background lines of the news team frantically getting it together behind the scenes with JIM SLEEDER going ‘uhhhh…’ during a ‘technical difficulties’ moment, outlining that they are going with one version of a story over another (setting up the comedy on the news segment). Ms. US World / Ms. Washington is awaiting the reel from the final scene, once SCi CO is ready we’ll post it on a Private Youtube link for her to know what kind of context her scene will be for the tv commercial.


This is a huge amount of sound work here, more than anticipated but not more complex. Mostly the intricate musical score added the most amount of challenges because it’s about 3 minutes of constant underscoring to the comedy-horror action. We’ve got to do voice overs for several of PASSY ZOMBIE’s lines, whose one-liners are good but could be improved and these are all with his mouth not visible to the camera, can be easily redone. The lines are re-written and we’ll be improv’ing a bit.


We’ve placed news music for the ‘NEWS FLASH’ video clip which follows the sexy tv commercial. We’ve also honed and polished where needed in this 9 minute clip. It might be another day or two to get all the lines in but once that’s wrapped we’ll be moving onto the LUMBERJACK lines which will be about the same number of replacements. There we’ll require some editing and a good amount of sound work, but only a minute or so of that. Then we’ll be onto voice over work the Police Bridge location. Then back to the restaurant scene in the beginning to put about ten seconds of missing foley in there…and at that point SCi CO will be polishing the whole soundtrack with new sounds from a sound library where required.


Rebecca Wolf is rehearsing her lines, we’ll begin shooting the commercial in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then we’ll be getting close to a complete rough cut.