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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve made it through the musical scoring process to the end of the hotel scene! This is actually one of the most complicated musical aspects of the pictures, this really took some work to get the cues in. There’s a total of about 20 or 25 separate musical cues in the sequence. The comedy is augmented by it greatly and we’re between the division of horror and comedy as well as spooky sort of hallucinatory vibe. The languid nature of PASSY ZOMBIE’s arguments to get VIOLETZ to open the hotel room door up (which isn’t even locked) is reflected by the music, which is sort of drony and silly. When we get inside the hotel, the pace quickens and it gets a lot more frightening! We have a major climax at the end with panther sounds and a massive musical movement that gives us that desired punch for the part where the Zombie really cuts through the comedy and tries to be a meany. Then we dissolve into the sweet fragrance of a ballet cue while FLAV is on the grass in the sun dealing with his thoughts- and the alien kitty!


This was a challenging segment musically but we got a lot of good results and more power. What’s left in the scene is some voice overs, a little bit of musical selection from a pre-existing mp3 for the restaurant background, then a very brief original scoring cue for the very very end. We’re pretty much there on sound, the rest will be fine tuning and putting a bit of video in needed to show FLAV in a scene where we don’t have him in there yet.