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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We laid the foundation for the score of the hotel scene yesterday and now we are redoing some takes and fine tuning what we have in. We’ve gotten through most of the scene at this point and it is an unusual score. The music is electronic and macabre with some humorous inflection and a minimalist sort of delivery with the motif of PASSY ZOMBIE behaving treacherously with VIOLETZ at the door. The score makes it jaunty and more flowing with a lot of unforeseen dimension to the kind of pscyhology it creates for the scene work. The synth sounds are a bit retro and pretty raw, it’s not at all a typical horror film score but it does suit the modern generation and it’s very fitting for the film. We’ll be getting to the final musical scoring of the exchange between PZ and V at the bathroom door. He complains loudly about needing to urinate (which ‘smells like rotten carcasses on the beach, with foam on it!’ according to PZ).