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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’re doing the score to the HOTEL scene now. It’s a rompy monstrous sort of theme which underscores the drama between PASSY and VIOLETZ. This is a long sequence for music and it’s a single synth line, jumping around. We’re about halfway through the score of the HOTEL scene now and it’s definitely working to help the acting come alive. We’re moving through the rest tonight, will see if we can get the entire scene scored. The music for the restaurant scene is going to be Joe Armenio with Dana on guitar with a preview from the upcoming album “Night Lights” which is Armenio/Phelps compositions of light jazz fusion, mellow mood guitar music.


BachinSocket.Com is being built up. We have three album covers and merchandising logos. SCi CO could really use some income:) The album is being assembled now, it is expected out in two weeks or less. Prices are set and product will be ready to sell soon.


Here is the main Bach In Socket Logo! The sheet music cover is being designed now. Also Camille Spain is designing the “Night Lights” record cover which is based on Dana’s sentimental recollections about blossoming into a professional fusion guitarist in the beautiful city of Newport, Oregon. The best part of course was the sea lions.