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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We are now officially through the basics for the sound cut (and video cut, which is always refined with sound editing here at SCi CO) up to the end scene! We have a delicious sequence from the start of the end scenes to the very final frame. Karmen Spiller’s performance is phenomenal, a true comedic natural who delivers a charmed performance. We have a very unexpected clammy ending which is pretty campy and hilarious due to Spiller’s delivery. The scenes have been tightened up, a few seconds shaved off here and there for the right timing to be continuous with the film. We’ve also added zooms and other Ken Burns effects to the videos. We’re going to be re-doing most of ZOMBIE PASSY’s one-liners so we have a bit better chemistry with VIOLETZ. The ones we have are ‘ok’ but have room for improvement. The final lines will be heavily ‘monster-iced’ with a sound effect.


The 8+ minute scene is going to have music added next, then the voice-overs which will prepare us for the next segment which is adding voice-overs to scenes which have a major need to place them in. After that we will be going over the entire film scene by scene to replace shoddy sound with studio produced pay library ones, to hone and polish the scene work. At that point we’ll have a ROUGH CUT and will be working with the digital special fx additions, which are very light. We’re a lot better off than we realized as far as shaky or blurred or lens spot footage, only a few real noticeable places and those are very fixable indeed.


The improvements to the ZOMBIE scenes are huge, we have a real vignette here with a lot of harmony in the characterizations and a beautiful climax with original ballet music by SCi CO to go along with the dramatic birth of a new religion (though most won’t get the Josephus Flavius references or the Adam and Eve, not consciously).