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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO has cast two of the TV Commercial Models: Ashley Borntrager and Rebecca Wolf. Ashley is a fine artist and model. Rebecca Wolf is a Boston Conservatory trained actor who is beautiful and extremely skilled. Our third talent will hopefully be Ms. US World Rene Krystle Hamlet. A fourth model is being hired and then we’ll close all the auditions, begin shooting and place the content into the scene work. The lines are being received very well by the actors and those who SCi CO has released the material to who are not industry oriented. We need a comedic bump and some sex appeal to help inspire a bit of circulation for the distribution point at Netflix, Amazon Prime, Shudder, HBO or whatever network may wind up distributing the content for SCi CO. The lines may be rated R but there is no nudity or sexuality beyond the extremely crude controls VIOLETZ has on PASSY using her personal romantic whip.


We may be able to publish the acting reel of Rebecca if she approves it, which will reveal some of the lines but we’re not too worried about that!