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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We are through most of the hotel scene basic sound work. We have to add music and will be doing something to the sound of the ZOMBIE lines, which need a monster-izing sound effect. But the basic sound is laid now for the 8 minute scene in the last segment we are completing sound for. There’s about 1 minute left. We’ll add music, before moving on.


Right now SCi CO is auditioning talent for the tv commercial acting roles. Ms. US World / Ms. Washington will hopefully be onboard, she is preparing her audition video now. Her pageant will be taking place for 2019 with our film having been released, so we might wind up with a little clip during her segment for Ms. World when she competes. 70+ countries or something like that is a good viewing audience for SCi CO and we’ll be prepared to sell our merchandise!


SCi CO is about to get the creative cloud from Adobe to complete the special digital fx. We have minimal needs for additions and basic ones for cleanup.