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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO is working with some pretty powerful talent for the commercial on tv addition! We’re spicing up the programming before our gifted actor David Kosloski as JIM SLEEDER is given faulty instructions about how to handle the next news segment– it seems FARRAH has been given the cue cards for the ‘chemical spill’ story and SLEEDER is running with the ‘decapitated heads’ story. Neither can hear the other so SLEEDER winds up asking questions that don’t make all that much sense, creating a new comedic paradigm for the segment. We wanted some spark with appealing lustful ladies just before because of the way SLEEDER looks (his manner goes with another sight gag from his previous sequence) and to start the idea that PASSY ZOMBIE is going to try to ‘kiss and make up’ with VIOLETZ by trying to get some loving’, but she clearly states ‘no pussy!’.


One of our standouts is Rebecca Wolf, a beautiful young actor who is a strong contender for one of the chat models on the television. Her reading is as good as her looks. Ms. US World / Ms. Washington is preparing her audition video now and she does like the material. We have a lot of other talent submitting their readings and it’s looking great. We have the sex appeal we wanted (boy, do we!) and the acting chops here are staggering, much more than we anticipated from a little casting call. Absolutely wonderful!