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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana had to do some resting and SCi CO has been busy with casting, some business planning. But we’re moving through the sound work daily on the footage and we’re through much of the hotel scene. There’s a lot of background to be added and basic foley (footsteps, touching door, etc.). We’re waiting on vocal effects for the ZOMBIE sound of PASSY’s voice. This is the work that few will take much notice of– traffic, birds and wind, etc. but it’s supporting the characterizations. The acting is very strong and we’re looking at a lot of momentum at the end with the additional commercial content with funny sexily ridiculous models. We have some pretty serious talent applying!


We’ll be working tonight through the hotel scene to get the background tv show (we will be using a Mexican cartoon and we’re working on a sitcom…). It’s very encouraging despite the relatively slow progress. We’re also working on the backgrounds for JIM SLEEDER’s news segments. We have a nice ‘Breaking News Flash’ clip but need a custom design for the studio he’s broadcasting from. Our artist is working on something for us now which will be custom for ‘K-LMM Action News’.


We’ve tightened up the editing on the hotel dialogue between PASSY ZOMBIE and VIOLETZ at the front door. It’s quite a lot sharper and more supportive of the pulse to their exchange. Most of the basic background sound is in place now up to the point they head to then bathroom, or part 2 of the hotel scene. This is quite a lot of foley and supportive sound additions which are not very exciting but highly important to the structure of the scene. The comedy has improved and so has the connection to the characters.