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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve moved on to the dialogue with ZOMBIE PASSY and VIOLETZ. This is one hammy one-liner after another with VIOLETZ making most of the punch lines work. We are going to massively affecting the ZOMBIE voice eventually for dramatic effect, but for now the comedy is still working without that nuance which is directly written that way for the scene to work. We are cycling through lots of tv background stuff to put in for ambience after the news section has ended with the new JIM SLEEDER lines and comedy situation– this is a huge boost to the scene and very much works to create a comedic momentum from the sextet zombie up through the climactic zombie end hotel scene, with KARMEN SPILLER being so hilarious and cute. If we get them laughing and keep them laughing, it’s great for the film’s ending obviously.


We’ll be moving through the hotel scene more today, possibly making our way to the FLAV scene which will be him in his pajama top in a Portland area park (random in film locale), singing a note which comes to him in his thoughts. At this point the ufo bonds with him musically playing our ballet piece. That will have some fun ufo and magic special sound fx. After that scene, we are at the very very end with our charismatic actor JOSE CACHO playing the waiter. This is a 1 minute sequence with the restaurant interior scene.


Once finished with this clip, the other 2-3 minutes needing sound work in a few scenes will be gotten to and we will be supplying all of the Voice Overs needed, which are mostly very small lines just needing to be inserted but one entire performance for a character who we must replace the lines of. We’re getting much closer to the end, the film is much improved and we are growing excited to test the festival waters. When we have the basic sound cut done we will see where we are with the SOUND MIXING and get to special digital fx. We are not worried about that aspect at this point, feel the film will compete well without adding those for the first six months if necessary. This is because the money from this picture is long-term and we will have huge opportunities to help sound, digital quality and special fx if we are successful with the whole content of the movie. Then we can re-release if we want with a much slicker version with a studio behind us or with a talent that can be afforded to do the extras.


Also, SCi CO has decided to add a small scene to the film with a brief commercial in between the tv news segments. We are casting now, it’s a very small speaking role for fun and sex appeal. This will be something like a late night tv ad with sexy models trying to get callers to call them or go online to their fantasy page. The lines are tongue-in-cheek and intended to spice up the exchange with the news people, which is otherwise extremely acerbic and unnerving. In fact SCi CO is currently working with the beauty pageant queen Ms. US World and Ms. Washington for one of these parts, as well as with some other talent. Now is the time for a submission if you know any female actors 18-35.