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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We’ve managed to splice together some insanely hilarious improvisational bits with our fantastic actor Dave Kosloski. Fortunately for SCi CO, Kosloski is an exceptionally professional and devoted actor and he made it easy for “Clams…” to get the bits in that we wanted. The way we finally came to using the footage was totally unplanned for but we did find a way to make it sensical to the viewer other than a random association. We have a brand new comedic variation to the scene work and some added screen time for one of our gems, Mr. Kosloski. Dana really hoped this would pan out because Dave drove hours to get the secondary takes done and he gave it everything he had with sort of and ‘off the cuff’ association to the lines. The result is so far one of the funnier for the whole flick because it’s got irony and we added a layer of confusion to the way his lines are interpolated with Asha Sawyer, the Field News Correspondent. It’s legit looking with the beautiful bridge shot and dazzling Sawyer in her red outfit and using our boom mic with the ‘K-LMM Action News’ badge on it (Sennheiser). Kosloski shines here, the audience is going to have a real gut buster possibility here and this is one of the unique occasions in a film which has a sort of happenstance way of generating a joke.