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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

Dana spent oodles of time going through a sound library to get monstrous howling kind of sounds for the ZOMBIE morphing sequence, PASSY becoming a zombie off screen. We could not afford the special fx to turn him into a zombie live so we are using flashy digital fx and sound in post. It’s all implied and the acting by Karen Spiller is making the scene real, the sextet cut between the sequence as a recording session live in Boston makes it come alive. The sound here is pretty complex, as predicted by SCi CO to be less of a job than some of the gigantic sound work done on a couple of previous scenes like the clam attack (hundreds of sounds layered!). We’re having to do some fairly delicate work because the sextet continues throughout while VIOLETZ investigates the crazy sound and color show coming from the private beach?


It’s definitely working thus far though it will be quite a large number of hours to finalize the horror effects. The good news for SCi CO members here is that we will have a much slicker product because those pay sounds you buy in libraries can be much more refined and shiny. It will make a difference to gloss up the entire movie with improved sounds where needed but if nothing else we will have an excellent punctuation for the ZOMBIE sounds. It is going to have a magic effect sound, thunder and coyotes, some unspecified animal noises, zombie/ghostly sounds and monster growls…but it will roll by in seconds. Once that is completed we will be moving onto the HOTEL scene itself which has a lot of monster sound bytes but the whole dialogue of ZOMBIE PASSY was written to coincide with the insanely unnatural inhuman monster voice. Thus the comedy lines where VIOLETZ asks him why he sounds funny actually becomes potentially a lot funnier because it clicks with the audience how ridiculously over the top he sounds.


We’ve gathered most of the sounds we need now and will begin to apply them later today. The progress is extremely encouraging and is adding color to the film which inspires confidence in SCi CO members who are privy to clips behind the scenes. Craig Parker Adams the real human being is excited about his cameo and SCi CO must make the comment that his performance is– actually great. He’s hilarious, natural, kind of charming and cool but not too slick or whatever…just totally natural, the real Craig is coming right through there! It’s an inside joke for Dana because the line that he uses at the end specifically relates to an event that made Dana ‘stand out’ to Gregory Slay, Craig and possibly some member of Remy Zero…Jewel’s guitarist might have been there that day? But it’s an inside musical joke one of his lines no one will get but it tickles Dana to see it. We’ll explain to cast at some point where it comes from, it’s just an anecdote from the session for Dana with Craig in his Hollywood studio!

Another note–the news scene with Asha Sawyer? This has become the best ‘shot’ of the movie! It is unbelievable to look at. We have her classy red outfit on which is very newsworthy sort of eye catching, real legit and newscaster like. Then we have the absolutely marvelous historic Yaquina Bay Bridge in the background– and even for a bridge frame we nabbed a real nice picture there. We have a sweeeeeet shot for the newscaster segue between the ZOMBIE transformation and the hotel scene. That is because VIOLETZ went home and turned on the tv while she changed so we see the newscaster on tv.

It’s undeniable the most cinematography videography pretty shot in the film, it’s absolutely beautiful. We didn’t really know what we had at the time, Dana framed it as best he could but that particular sequence was filmed with wind, we got rained out after two takes, the mic was wired to a remote plug in our car which caused a few cable issues to stop the sequence I think…then the cue cards we made for her blew away from the wind? I mean it is almost a miracle we even got anything but it has excellent original sound and totally awesome landscape videography. Her performance is actually kind of so good that you take for granted she’s a real newscaster, it’s a slick performance. She’s also very pretty and photogenic. Wonderful scene work there, will be a privilege to show to Asha when she is able to use. What a little scene! And we have JIM SLEEDER Anchorman is going to be put in there when we get to that from a second day of shooting to fill that space in for their dialogue. It might wind up being a cute little scene for them, we’ll have to see how it works but they had really fantastic chemistry, actually. That was not something SCi CO casted for, they just got lucky with each others acting vibes and improv’d enough that we can really use it in the scene.

Stay tuned…