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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

The only editing we got done yesterday was the addition of the new music for the Beach Marriage scene with VIOLETZ and PASSY ZOMBIE. This is a delightful addition for us since it fits so well but it’s also an original piece written by Dana from his work as an artist. He is doing sound sculpture now and this ballet piece is specifically in honor of a model who worked with him. Here is a rough demo. These instruments are being replaced by fairly realistic computer ones soon:¬†

The cue is almost exactly the length of time needed for the scene to work beautifully with the music. It’s only going to be slightly adjusted in tempo to get a few extra seconds but it melts into the scene as if it was written for it. The moment where Flav has his bonding experience with the alien craft is followed by the bouncing strings in the middle, where it goes up and down in a rubbery way. It’s just where the scene requires, so that’s 1 minute+ of music scoring done with orchestral instruments rather than a little synthesizer and it’s going to really be dramatic. The abrupt end of the ballet piece brings us to the harsh reality of PASSY’s ‘real’ identity being ‘CLANCY’, a typical cop name and he will be listed as a ‘SEAFOOD INVESTIGATOR’ in the credits such as : PASSY/CLANCY-SEAFOOD INVESTIGATOR – DanaWana



SCi CO was engaged in other business yesterday with our web guru Camille Spain who viewed the scene we currently are sound editing. Her response was that “it’s better than a lot of movies on Netflix” and she was encouraged by the entertainment value. The hotel scene needs some tightening on the editing, shaving off a bit here and there to get the comic rhythm to shine but we have outstanding performances and enough one-liners that some of them are possibly going to work to get the laughing started. Camille did recognize the unusually strong comedy by Karen Spiller, who SCi CO has previously compared to Carol Burnette! Karmen manages to be zany and quirky while remaining dramatic and scared. It’s some of the best acting we’ve seen in any film so we hope the long wait will be worth it for her! It’s a big ending for us.


After the comedic hotel scene climax, we jostle over to a restaurant which is preparing for diners (since we couldn’t afford to get real extras in a restaurant). Georgies in Newport Oregon graciously, generously afforded us the opportunity to film in their luxurious and unique location. We got some nice stuff and it’s going to also be applied to the green screen for the final dialogue within the restaurant. The momentum from the hotel comedy is a nice way to reach the film’s apex with FLAV bonding with the alien in the sky, the marriage fantasy with PASSY and VIOLETZ using our new music…then about 1 minute in a hotel. The ending was very satisfying for Camille who felt it was very fun and a good punctuation for the credits to roll from.