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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO worked on other tasks for the business yesterday like relocation preparation and a business meeting. We’re looking at a relocation within about six to eight weeks at the most, possibly a good

bit sooner. We’re going to need the film to be in its basic completed form and to have “Bach In Socket” recorded before we go. The rest of the logistics are being taken care of now.


What we accomplished yesterday for the sound post was to perfect a few things already in place and to add some VO for Karmen (from a pre-existing sound byte) for a moan and ‘oh my God!’ line , just in a little cutaway. Fortunately the lines fit perfectly and the additional atmospheric stuff like birds and wind was perfected/added where needed. So far we have one paid video clip added to the scene and two VO lines which were from a free source. When we go through the footage to finalize the sound it will bring a lot of options to smoothen or gloss it up as needed. What the main focus will be today is the sounds of PASSY becoming a ZOMBIE! This will be thunder, monstrous howling, special fx sort of sounds and then VIOLETZ runs back to her car and speeds off, which is already completed with sound.


Next we will start the HOTEL sequence which is very light foley, background and eventually musical selection. All the dialogue is in place. We are getting fairly close to the end of basic sound post, when this scene work is completed we will go back to fill a few gaps then clean up the whole film with a sound mix, improvements, etc.