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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

We got through a lot of the sextet scene, in fact we’re just up to the point where it ends and PASSY is a ZOMBIE awakening on the beach. Then he staggers to the hotel to greet the very befuddled and unappreciative (gorgeous) VIOLETZ! What we have remaining for it is a small amount of Voice Overs, which by the way will begin with the next session of post– then we have some background stuff like birds, then the actual sounds of PASSY becoming a ZOMBIE. This may seem like a lot but we had a bunch to cover today and it took a long time to get what we have covered today such as footsteps, car door and engine sounds, dog barking, wind…we added stock video and sound for that (another first , we paid for stock video footage)…


We will most likely complete the sextet ZOMBIE morph sequence and get into the hotel tomorrow. That is fairly light foley and some music, no voice overs actually. After that is the restaurant scene which is fairly minimal again. These things will take time but we’re making good progress and closing in on the last of the big tasks. We are most excited to see Karmen Spiller’s marvelous performance, a rarity to be so all around with horror and comedy in a way which works.