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Update - SCI CO


Posted by Dana Phelps

SCi CO is working on a lot of things right now, bit by bit generating the products for the business which are long behind the scenes in production. The film is making progress steadily though we are not on a ten hour a day schedule for it as we were before being disrupted.


We’ve stated it many times in updates but it cannot be stressed enough– the additional time it has taken to get “Raiders…” out of production and into theaters/home-video has helped us find an enhanced, richer product. The musical additions will include original JS Bach accompaniment, we now have two miniature ballet pieces and some clown music to choose from for scoring the movie credits (or elsewhere if we want something)…we have also grown into the size of the property, meaning that SCi CO is an eeensy-weeny lil company here and the biggest production house in the world has a similarly named picture. Riding in the wake of that comet will be a helluva thing so it’s really proper to get it right in its own time.


We’re into the scene where PASSY becomes a ZOMBIE now, which is mostly implied. The string sextet is being recorded by FLAV with CRAIG PARKER ADAMS in a remote internet recording session. Most of the acting is done by Karmen Spiller who holds the story together by her performance of a concerned girlfriend who is dealing with a zany wild man to begin with. That boyfriend is now beyond her sight in a Police Lined off section of the private beach and we see flashes of light and smoke while howls like ‘American Werewolf In London’ are going off! This is all underneath the constant irritating music of that sextet, has a lot of sneer and jeer– really horrific. We’re just about to the part now where PASSY shows up to the hotel as a Zombie!


That will start the main bulk of the sound work for this scene. We were graciously accommodated by the Summer Wind Budget Motel for shooting and the acting flew off the hook by Spiller. Karmen is so magic and powerful in this scene that it’s as if the whole movie was made just to reach the point where we can watch her go berserk. She is sort of shriveled up in a bathtub by the end of it, fending off ZOMBIE PASSY’s odious one-liners about trying to get into her pants (or consume her, depending on which way the mood flow is as a ZOMBIE). This is a couple of minutes with very light work to be done for foley and musical scoring. Then we have about a minute or less in a restaurant and that’s outie! We happen to be recording the jazz guitar album now which will provide the musical ambience of the background in the final restaurant scene.


We have a good bit of work to get back to in a few scenes: the opening restaurant scene, the under the bridge cop scene and the LJ clam attack scene all need some sound such as VO, music or improved foley. These are prepared for and delayed for specific reasons. The entire workload of getting those completed will be about one 3-4 minute clip of freshly rendered sound– in other words, not a huge lot compared with how much work it is up to date. So we’ve got approximately 6-8 minutes total of sound left to do here. The total run time is going to be around 80 minutes, probably not more but most likely less.


With the sound done we will have a large amount of technical work to cleaning up the footage (shakiness, clarity of focus, lens spot or two) then special fx, credits and blurring out certain faces or logos/© art, whatever. We probably will release a rough version with just sound completed.


Right now SCi CO is working with our webmaster Camille Spain for the production of and BachInSocketForBabies.Com We have a logo and album cover design. Invention 15 is being composed now and we have publishing plans in place for the business. Dana is also writing ballet and other music for licensing opportunities.


Here’s an early version of the “Switched Off” / Flute with Piano Bach In Socket album cover:



We’ve modified this a bit but this is the basic design which is for digital sales markets. This is the small image which will appear near a download button and we have some marketing tools employed with the construction of the image that will hopefully help move some product for us. The “Switched On” Bach In Socket album will be much more aggressive, less naturalistic looking and will be radiant as if it is alight.